Seismic Structural Analysis of a Trailer Storage System

The Client:

A Small and Medium enterprise involved into manufacturing and design of Trailer Storage system solutions for Gas cylinders


To predict the stresses generated for a Trailer Storage rack system subjected to a shock loading event using FEA Analysis methodology.

Client Expectations:

Seismic Analysis report was expected from client's end. The hidden aspects from client were to select right size mesh for FEA Analysis, select appropriate boundary conditions and conduct an accurate FEA Analysis.

FEA Analysis Project Challenges:

The project had challenges such as referring to the correct standards in order to find out the correct spectrum for the given shock loading conditions. . Our FEA Analyst and FEA experts had to ensure that the parts are correctly meshed and since it was an assembly level analysis, they also needed to ensure that all the requisite contacts are being modeled between the components.

FEA Analysis Project Deliverables:

Project deliverables included a FEA analysis report for Shock Analysis with a summarized stress and deformation values along with the calculated Factor of Safety for every components and assembly. The summary of the results was backed by stress and deformation plots for individual components in the FEA Analysis report.




Structural Stress Analysis of Trailer Storage System using FEA Analysis


FEA Analysis Project Benefits:

The Structural Analysis results provided by FEA Analysis report not only predicted the stress levels for all the components, it also provided the Factor of Safety for major components as conclusion of the FEA Analysis report. It saved about 2 months of time for the client since their Testing equipment would be ready by that time. Considering all the resources required for this Testing, the realizable savings could go up to approximately 15000 USD. In addition to the time saved for product testing, FEA Analysis approach for Shock Analysis also provided an opportunity to learn some critical standards for Shock Analysis. Since it was for Gas Cylinder storage rack system, our FEA Analysis project team also referred to various standards to derive an equivalent shock loading event for FEA Analysis. Our FEA Consultant provided the learning insights into the FEA analysis report. Our FEA Analyst could learn the right approach for solving the FEA Analysis model for Shock Analysis problems for FEA Analysis.

FEA Analysis Project Hours:

  • FEA Analysis Model Preparation: 20 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Solving Time: 12 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Results Discussion: 5 Hours
  • FEA report preparation: 3 Hours

FEA Analysis Project Duration:

  • 4 days

FEA Analysis Project Team:

  • FEA Analyst
  • FEA Consultant
  • FEA Analysis Lead

Customer Delight Experience:

The client expected us to complete the FEA Analysis project within 10 working days which we delivered in 4 working days. Our FEA experts examined the project both from the Storage System domain and FEA Analysis aspects. Our FEA Consultant provided critical remarks of the FEA Analysis report and provided his feedback to include as recommendation for design to the client. The client liked the systematic work approach by our FEA Analysis project team and appreciated us for it.

Market Insights for Pressure Vessels:

The storage system industryfor gas cylinders is having a steady growth and is yet expected to grow at a steady rate with challenging designs. However, innovation driven product development will challenge the conservative design used by majority of the manufacturers. Today, rules of thumb are referred to design structures of these storage systems for various application. New challenges and concept drives towards using FEA Analysis services to design Industrial Storage system

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