Structural Stress Analysis of a Solar Panel Mounting System

The Client:

A leading company into the development of Solar Panel Mounting System.


To simulate for various orientation of the mounting structure (subjected to different Z Pullrin conditions) and assess stresses induced due to the Pressure and Uplift conditions. FEA Analysis was used to simulate different cases and compare the results.

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to assess stresses using FEA Analysis due to pressure and uplift for every Z Pullrin condition and provide the best condition for the design. FEA results were discussed in the report to address the client expectations of assessing the induced stresses and to provide a robust design of Solar panel mounting system.

FEA Analysis Project Challenges:

The major challenges included calculating for uplift and pressure conditions for different regions of the Solar panel mounting system. Our engineers had a tough time dealing with optimization of the Z pull rin since it required a parametric analysis approach. A complete parametric FEA model was prepared to simulate for different angles. The FEA model was then changed according to different parameters and subsequently the FEA mesh was changed. Since our engineers used a parametric FEA simulation, the set up was prepared for initial load case and thereafter the results were derived as an output from the parametric simulation.

FEA Analysis Project Deliverables:



FEA Analysis of Solar Panel Mounting Systems using Parametric Simulation

FEA Analysis Project Benefits:

The project saved the client overall ofapproximately 60000 USD which includes the manpower and Testing resources required. In addition to this, the FEA Analysis conducted for the Solar PV Mount system imparted a lot of learning to our FEA experts, FEA consultants and FEA analysts. It made our FEA analyst to define the FEA problem properly, our FEA consultant to go through a lot of literature regarding Solar Mounting applications and our FEA Analysis lead to review the FEA Analysis results presented in the FEA Analysis report.

FEA Analysis Project Hours:

  • FEA Analysis Model Preparation: 15 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Solving Time: 5 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Results Discussion: 5 Hours
  • FEA report preparation: 2 Hours

FEA Analysis Project Duration:

  • 3 days

FEA Analysis Project Team:

  • FEA Analyst
  • FEA Consultant
  • FEA Analysis Lead

Customer Delight Experience:

The client expected us to complete the FEA Analysis of PV Mount system within 10 working days which we delivered in 3 working days. Our FEA experts examined the project both from domain and FEA Analysis aspects. Our FEA analyst had referred a lot of literature for related to the Solar PV Mount System wind force analysis and incorporated the learnings into the FEA Analysis report. Our FEA Consultant conducted a critical assessment of the FEA Analysis report and provided his feedback to include as recommendation for design to the client. The methodical approach to conduct the FEA Analysis was very much appreciated by the client.

Renewable Energy Market Insights:

The renewable energy market is still emerging and there has been a tremendous growth in the past decade. The same growth is expected in different segments with Solar and Wind energy as leading branches. The increased demand for new products and innovation in existing products will lead to requirement of virtual testing which can be successfully catered by using FEA Analysis effectively. The graphs below provides an evidence for the growth in demand for Renewable Energy requirements.

Global Investment Trends in Renewable Energy Market

Sector Profile for Renewable Energy

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