Fatigue Analysis of Bracelet

The Client:

A company involved into wearing products.


To assess Fatigue parameters for the bracelet design using FEA Analysis.

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to assess the fatigue life of the bracelet using FEA Analysis subjected to displacement loading conditions. The bracelet was a combination of metal and plastic materials.

FEA Analysis Project Challenges:

The project challenges were establishing the Finite Element model (FEA Model) for metal-plastic combined structure, researching for data such as Stress Life curves for the materials and solving for the provided boundary conditions. FEA Analysis results were used to predict the product performance to further improve the design. Our experts applied their experience to conduct a complex FEA analysis since it involved metal and plastic material parts interface.

FEA Analysis Project Deliverables:



FEA Analysis of Smart Wearable product (Bracelet)

FEA Analysis Project Benefits:

The project saved the client overall of 60000 USD which includes the manpower and Testing resources required. Apart from the financial savings, it introduces the client in terms of faster launching of the product (Time to Market) which is an essential parameter particularly in growing Industries such as Smart wearable products. FEA Analysis helps to shorten the time to market for the smart bracelet.

FEA Analysis Project Hours:

  • FEA Analysis Model Preparation: 12 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Solving Time: 5 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Results Discussion: 6 Hours
  • FEA report preparation: 2 Hours

FEA Analysis Project Duration:

  • 3 days

FEA Analysis Project Team:

  • FEA Analyst
  • FEA Consultant
  • FEA Analysis Lead

Customer Delight Experience:

The client expected us to complete the FEA Analysis project within 10 working days which we delivered in 3 working days. Our FEA experts examined the project both from the Smart Wearable domain and FEA Analysis aspects. Our FEA analyst referred a lot of online literature related to smart wearable products and incorporated the learning into the FEA Analysis report. Our FEA Consultant provided critical remarks of the FEA Analysis report and provided his feedback to include as recommendation for design to the client. The client liked the systematic work approach by our FEA Analysis project team and appreciated us for it.

Smart Wearable Market Insights:

The wristband market segments are expected to grow at a very rapid pace due to increase in standard of living and awareness towards fitness. However, maintaining the price to the consumer expectations is going to be a challenge. For such challenges, optimization of product design is needed. FEA methodology is appropriate for optimization subjected to weight or other parameters such as frequency. Thus, we can conclude further that use of FEA Analysis will improve the consumer experience by providing them the best value products.

Global Market Trends in Smart Wearable products

Graph Source :http://www.nickhunn.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2014/08/The-Market-for-Smart-Wearables.pdf

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