Structural Stress Analysis of a vehicle lifting system with consideration of frictional joints

The Client:

A leading market player in vehiclelifting system development.


To simulate for the frictional joints of the mechanism using FEA Analysis and assess the stress performance of each member of the vehicle lifting system.

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to assess the stresses induced in each member of the vehicle lifting system by FEA Analysis methodology and conclude regarding the material of construction suitability. The hidden expectation were to derive and select proper mesh for the model used for FEA Analysis. Consideration of frictional joints in the system added complexity to the FEA analysis since it brings non linearity into the picture.

The project studying the mechanism behind the car lifting system thoroughly using FEA Analysis. It was also challenging to decide for the unknown parameters such as frictional co-efficient between the sliding members for the FEA model. Our FEA consultant had a tough time dealing with the convergence issues due to the nonlinear contact behavior of the problem. Though it imparted a lot of learning specific to the methodology of FEA Analysis to our FEA consultant.

FEA Analysis Project Deliverables:



FEA Analysis of Vehicle Lifting System

FEA Analysis Project Benefits:

The project saved the client overall ofapproximately 60000 USD which includes the manpower and Testing resources required. Apart from the cost saving, FEA Analysis also introduced the client to use a methodology to shorten their product development time. FEA Analysis of this nonlinear problem enabled our FEA consultant to gain experience of Non Linear FEA Analysis.

FEA Analysis Project Hours:

  • FEA Analysis Model Preparation: 12 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Solving Time: 5 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Results Discussion: 3 Hours
  • FEA report preparation: 2 Hours

FEA Analysis Project Duration:

  • 2.5 days

FEA Analysis Project Team:

  • FEA Analyst
  • FEA Consultant
  • FEA Analysis Lead

Customer Delight Experience:

The client expected us to complete the FEA Analysis project within 6 working days which we delivered in 2.5 working days. Our FEA experts examined the project both from automotive domain and FEA Analysis aspects. Our FEA analyst had referred a lot of literature for related to the application of the vehicle lifting platforms and incorporated the learnings into the FEA Analysis report. Our FEA Consultant assessed the FEA Analysis report critically and provided his feedback to include as recommendation for design to the client. The client appreciated and rewarded us with another project thanks to the systematic approach used by our FEA Analysis team.

Automotive Market Insights:

Emerging segments such as Smart parking and other vehicle handling solutions will trigger the uptrend in development of new products as indicated by the graph. With vehicle handling solutions, it is needed that the product’s structural integrity is highly ensured. For such assessments, FEA analysis will be an appropriate tool to optimize product design or to predict the product performance.


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