Calculation Sheet Development for Pharmaceutical Tablet Press

The Client:

A leading pharmaceutical machinery company.


To develop a Design calculation document to provide the Design Engineer correct guidelines for developing their new products.

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to generate a calculation document so that they may use it for reference calculation in future for their upcoming products. Also, client asked us to provide necessary training to their design personnel to use the Design formulae.

Project Challenges:

Project challenges included consideration of basic Design formulae and applying force diagrams onto the Machinery structures to simplify the problem. It required our experts to analyze the machine fully in terms of loading and thereafter deciding the Failure criteria for different portions of the machine.

Project Deliverables:

We provided a document that included complete calculations for the Tablet Press mechanisms and components.




Design of Pharmaceutical Tableting Press

Project Benefits:

The calculation sheet made our client understand the relation various design parameters and in future they can design with very less efforts by using the calculation sheet. The estimated savings due to the sheet for this project and any new project would be around 2000USD.

Project Hours:

  • 30 Hours

FEA Analysis Project Duration:

  • 3 Days

Project Team:

  • 1 Design Engineer
  • 1 Technical Expert
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