Mechanical Design and CAD:

Every Machine or Product can be expressed in terms of Mathematical formula but not many companies know the "Formula"

Under Industrial/Mechanical Design Services, we provide assistance in product or Machinery design using the basic theories.

Our engineers are well versed and qualified to use the classical Structural Mechanics theories to calculate the strength and vibration characteristics for a particular product. In case of thermal calculations requirement, we use the basic theories of thermodynamics to calculate heat transfer parameters. We also provide flow parameter calculation services by qualified Mechanical Engineers who have expertise in Fluid Mechanics.

If a client's requirement is to study the design parametrically using Mechanical Calculations, we also provide a spreadsheet based calculation support in which we develop a spreadsheet for all the calculations involved for your product.

Projects Executed by us for Industrial/Mechanical Design Application:

  • Mechanical Design and Analysis of a Pharmaceutical Tablet Press
  • Mechanical Design and 3D modelling of a Pharmaceutical Capsule Filling Machine
  • Mechanical Design, 3D modelling and FEA Analysis of a Side Sealing machine (bag packaging equipment)
  • 3D modeling and Vibration Analysis of a heavy duty pharmaceutical tableting press using FEA Analysis
  • Mechanical Design Calculations for Automotive Transmission components
  • Mechanical Design Calculations for Shell and Tube heat exchanger
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