Calculation Sheet Development for Evaporative Condenser

The Client:

A leading Heat Exchanger manufacturer based at Canada.


To develop a Design Calculation sheet for evaporative condenser to help the client design products based on various parameters such as number of tubes, required condensing rate etc.

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to verify his concept through FEA Analysis methodology with respect to the loading details available. The hidden expectation from our FEA Analysis team was to select proper FEA Analysis mesh size, right boundary conditions and controls.

Project Challenges:

This project was challenging for our experts since they need to combine many of the basic heat transfer equations such as specific heat, enthalpy, temperature difference etc and provide a calculation sheet that would meet the client's objective. In addition to this, our experts had to train the client on using the developed sheet to meet their design requirement.

Project Deliverables:

We provided a worksheet that included complete calculations for the Evaporative condenser parameters sensitivity studies.




Evaporative Condenser

Project Benefits:

The calculation sheet made our client understand the relation of flow parameter with number of nozzles, temperature etc. It functions as a calculation software for the client and in future they can use it to design the evaporator. It helps in reducing the designing calculation efforts by 2 weeks which is estimated around 3000USD.

Project Hours:

  • 40 Hours

FEA Analysis Project Duration:

  • 1 week

Project Team:

  • 1 Design Engineer
  • 1 Technical Expert
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