FEA Services:

Testing is an unavoidable and one of the most important phases of a product design cycle but the efforts on Product development can be optimized by opting for virtual testing technology such as Finite Element Analysis. With the growing competition and with the high demand in reduction of product launching duration, it is essential to adopt virtual testing a.k.a. Simulation. FEA is one of these simulation tools which can help to do various virtual tests using computational methods.

We provide various Finite Element Analysis services starting from a basic level stress analysis up to Design Optimization using Finite Element Method.

Every product we design, we use virtual testing using FEA Analysis to predict the product performance.

List of FEA Services offered by DeSServe Design Solutions

Structural Stress Analysis

We provide Stress Analysis of various products including metals and plastics using FEA Analysis. Our FEA Analysts make sure that they use the Industry standard practices for FEA and hence our customers can rely more on the FEA results provided by us.

Our FEA Consultants have concrete experience in using Linear as well as highly non linear FEA simulations.

Classification of Structural Stress Analysis

  • Linear Static Analysis
  • Non Linear Stress Analysis
  • Geometric Non Linear Stress Analysis
  • Material Non Linear Stress Analysis
  • Contact Non Linear Stress Analysis

Vibration Analysis

We have an FEA Analysis team of Vibration Analysis experts who can use FEA Analysis to predict the natural frequencies of vibration, amplitude and phase. Our FEA Analyst will help you to analyze the stress induced under harmonic conditions using Harmonic Response Analysis. We are capable of providing a Bode Plot Response for a product using Computational method. We can also carry out a probabilistic simulation such as the strength assessment of a particular product during Seismic loading event using FEA Analysis. For long slender structures, we can predict the failure by conducting a Buckling Analysis which is preceded by a Modal Analysis.Our FEA Consultants have worked in many Heavy Machinery, Automotive, Rotating Machinery, Offshore and Marine Industries and Process Industries.

Classification of Vibration Analysis

  • Modal Analysis
  • Harmonic Frequency Response Analysis
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Transient Dynamic Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Our Thermal FEA Engineers have expertise in simulating Thermal behavior of various products ranging from Heat Exchangers, Process Tools cooling, and Radiators etc. For manufacturing processes, we have experience in predicting the thermal cooling for casting and molding products. We have proven experience in predicting Thermal stresses, deformations, temperature distributions using Conduction, convection and radiation models.

Classification of Thermal Analysis

  • Steady State Thermal Analysis
  • Transient Thermal Analysis
  • Conduction Thermal Analysis
  • Convection Thermal Analysis
  • Radiation Thermal Analysis

Multiphysics Simulation

Wherever there is a requirement to couple two different physics, we use Multi Physics to simulate the product behavior. Our experts have wide Industry experience in various multi physics simulations such as Structural-Thermal, Fluid-Structural, and Electromagnetic-Thermal etc. Our Industry expertise in using multi physics includes Transformers, Electromagnetic clutches etc.

Classification of Multi Physics Analysis

  • Structural-Thermal Coupled Field Analysis
  • Thermal-Structural Coupled Field Analysis
  • Electric-Thermal Coupled Field Analysis
  • Piezoelectric Analysis

Explicit Dynamics

Our FEA experts have provided solutions to simulate for Drop Tests, Impact Tests, Forming simulations etc. Our Industry expertise includes sheet metal industries, plastic products etc.

Classification of Drop Test Analysis

  • Drop Test Analysis
  • Crash Analysis
  • Metal Forming Analysis

Shape Optimization

We have provided shape optimization for various Machine Industries. The optimization parameters include shape, weight and frequency. At a times we run sensitivity studies to show effect of certain design parameters such as width, length on certain output parameters such as deflection, stress, strain etc.

Classification of Shape Optimization

  • Topological Optimization to reduce weight
  • Shape Optimization
  • Topological Optimization to increase Frequency

Fatigue Analysis

Whenever there is a requirement to assess whether a product will last for a certain number of cycles for a specific loading, we use Fatigue Tool to predict the performance. We have predicted fatigue parameters such as Damage, Fatigue Life, Sensitivity etc using Simulation tool. We have also experience in performing Fatigue Calculations using the conventional way i.e. by performing hand calculations.

Classification of Fatigue Analysis

  • Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
  • High Cycle Fatigue Analysis

Electromagnetic Analysis

Using High Frequency electromagnetic analyses, our engineers can predict electromagnetic flux propagation, S parameters and oscillating frequencies for acceleration chambers, microwave filters etc. It is widely used in transformers industry.

Classification of Electromagnetic Analysis

  • Low Frequency Electromagnetic Analysis
  • High Frequency Electromagnetic Analysis
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