A Duct for Power Industry

The Client:

A giant company based in Europe involved into power generation through reheat of conventional power plant flue Gases.


To simulate the pressure contours and velocity vectors across the duct using CFD Analysis and to propose a solution that increase the efficiency.

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to simulate the current design scenario and to propose a design with which they can reduce the pressure drop across the duct bend.

CFD Analysis Project Challenges:

Modeling for the CFD Analysis of the duct as per the plant condition was one of the biggest challenges since the client did not have any drawings for this. It required our CFD experts to communicate properly with the client in order to capture the actual geometry of the problem. Our CFD consultants had the challenges in getting the input data for the duct. Our CFD analyst had to ensure correct meshing and CFD Analysis model selection in order to predict the pressure and velocity parameters accurately.

CFD Analysis Project Deliverables:

CFD Analysis results such as pressure distribution and velocity distribution were the major deliverables. However, we were supposed to provide the solution which we did by suggesting an improved design. The decrease in pressure drop by new design was 45%.




CFD Analysis of a duct for Power Industry

CFD Analysis Project Benefits:

The reliable CFD Analysis conducted by Desserve Engineering not only predicted the pressure drop correctly, we provided a solution to the client to reduce the pressure drop. The estimated savings due to our recommendation based upon CFD Analysis would be somewhere between 100000-150000 USD. In addition to the cost benefits, the CFD Analysis approach also added knowledge base to the client Research and development department.

CFD Analysis Project Hours:

  • CFD Analysis Model Preparation: 10 Hours
  • CFD Analysis Solving Time: 10 Hours
  • CFD Analysis Results Discussion: 4 Hours
  • CFD report preparation: 2 Hours

CFD Analysis Project Duration:

  • 4 days

CFD Analysis Project Team:

  • CFD Analyst
  • CFD Consultant
  • CFD Analysis Lead

Customer Delight Experience:

The client expected us to complete the CFD Analysis project within 7 working days which we delivered in 4 working days. Our CFD experts applied the best of their knowledge for CFD Analysis to solve the pressure drop issue for the power industry duct. While conducting the CFD Analysis, our CFD analyst ensured to collect the measurements data from the client end to build an accurate CFD model which is essential for accurate CFD Analysis results. Based upon CFD Analysis results, our CFD consultant also provided recommendation for modification in the geometry. Our CFD analyst also verified the improved CFD Analysis results for the modified geometry. After the actual modification in geometry (in field), our CFD analyst compared the actual vs modeled results in CFD Analysis. The customer was very happy by the methodological approach by our CFD Analysis team to solve the pressure drop issue.

Ducting Market Insights:

The demand for efficient system for power industry and other applications asks for the need of efficient ducting system and with availability of tools such as CFD Analysis, the design engineers can ensure the minimized pressure drop for a ducting system. With increasing awareness of CFD analysis to the design team and increased demand for efficient ducting, one cannot deny that there will be much increased needs for conducting CFD analysis for different sectors such as power, oil, air conditioning and other industrial sectors in near future.

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