Shock Analysis Assessment of a Drone Frame

The Client:

An emerging player to the Drone market.


To optimize the design of the drone frame subjected to shock loading.

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to simulate and predict the stress levels in the drone frame and to provide our design recommendations based upon our expertise. We have studied the parameters for shock analysis from reference material given by the client in order to successfully analyze the frame of the drone. The un-written expectations were to select the correct and optimum sized mesh for the FEA model and also to select the right boundary conditions for the FEA Analysis.

FEA Analysis Project Challenges:

The project required to the shock loading parameters for drone frame. Our FEA Project Team (FEA Analyst, FEA Consultant and FEA Analysis Lead) had to go through a lot of reference materials for shock analysis of drone frames. Since selection of appropriate boundary condition for the FEA was also a scope on our part, our FEA Analyst had to try a lot of mesh combinations in order to reach the FEA convergence for the project of “Shock Analysis of drone frames using FEA methodology”

FEA Analysis Project Deliverables:



FEA Analysis Project Benefits:

The FEA Analysis project saved the client overall of approximately 80000USD which includes the manpower and Testing resources required. Apart from the commercial benefits, the FEA Analysis project also imparted learning to the client regarding the virtual simulation methodology using FEA. Our FEA Analyst identified many useful documents available from online resources and together with our FEA Consultant, they defined a procedure including the Load values, constraints etc in order to satisfy the client’s need for optimum design of the frame of drone. It imparted learning to our FEA Analysis project team consisting of FEA Analyst, FEA Consultant and FEA Analysis lead.

FEA Analysis Project Hours:

  • FEA Analysis Model Preparation: 15 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Solving Time: 7 Hours
  • FEA Analysis Results Discussion: 3 Hours
  • FEA report preparation: 2 Hours

FEA Analysis Project Duration:

  • 4 days

FEA Analysis Project Team:

  • FEA Analyst
  • FEA Consultant
  • FEA Analysis Lead

Customer Delight Experience:

The client expected us to complete the FEA Analysis project within 7 working days which we delivered in 4 working days hence delighting the customer by quicker than expected delivery for the FEA Analysis. Our FEA experts examined the project both from drone domain and FEA Analysis aspects. Our FEA analyst had referred a lot of literature related to the Design of drone frames and incorporated the learnings into the FEA Analysis report. The client was very happy thanks to the high quality FEA Analysis report which was possible due to the efforts of our FEA Analysis team consisting of FEA Consultant, FEA Analyst and FEA Analysis Lea.

Market Insights for Drones:

The vast applications of un-manned drones is making them increasingly popular for defense, spy and many such applications. With the world looking for “driverless cars”, the aerospace domain is ambitious towards having “drones” to become popular amongst the commercial players apart from the kids playing with them. With appropriate use of tools like FEA Analysis, the Research and Development efforts for the drone market can be boosted rapidly.

Similar Areas where FEA Analysis can be useful:

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