Strength Comparison of "I" beam steel structure with Composite I Beam structure

The Client:

A leading manufacturer in the domain of ship building industry based at Mexico


To compare strengths of "I" beams made from steel with "I" beam structures made up from composites

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to provide a comparative study to be run for a single case for the Design. However, we followed a spreadsheet based approach and shared the spreadsheet with the client.

Project Challenges:

Our experts had to refer to the fundamentals of Machine design and apply them to solve the client's problem. A mathematical calculation model was derived from the fundamental equations and then our expert engineers had to play with many parameters in order to get strength of the composite structure near to that made of steel structure.

Project Deliverables:

We provided a parametric study to compare the strengths of steel "I" beam to the composite structures. Sample input parameters were Ply thickness, spacing etc. Sample output parameters were shear strength, bending strength etc.




Project Benefits:

The Design calculation sheet allowed the client to play with composite parameters such as the composite I beam width and thickness and no. of I Beams etc. By using this sheet, the client could save about 2 weeks of time for him. We don't have any idea about how much it would convert into USD.

Project Hours:

  • 30 Hours

FEA Analysis Project Duration:

  • 3 Days

Project Team:

  • 1 Design Engineer
  • 1 Technical Expert
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