CFD Analysis Services:

We provide Computational Fluid Dynamics services( CFD Services) to enable our clients understand the flow behavior and flow physics parameters including pressure distribution, temperature gradients etc.

Every product we design, we use virtual testing using CFD Analysis to predict the product performance.

List of CFD Services offered by DeSServe Design Solutions

Internal Flow Simulation (Internal Aerodynamics CFD Analysis)

Using Internal flow simulation, our CFD Analysis Engineers predict the flow behavior for inside ducts, pipes, mixers, agitators etc and can provide solutions to improve the design that would provide better mixing, lesser pressure drop and better flow distribution to solve industry problems

External Flow Simulation (External Aerodynamics CFD Analysis)

Be it an airflow past an aerofoil or a car body or a bullet, our CFD analyst will put every single effort to predict the drag and lift parameters for the design using CFD Analysis. Since our CFD Experts have experience in working external aerodynamics for automotive, aerospace and turbine industry, we can recommend you to modify your product design to have better aerodynamics characteristics.

Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC CFD Analysis)

Our CFD engineers are well experienced to carry out HVAC Simulation which can predict the thermal comfort parameters such as temperature and relative humidity for buildings, cars, data centers etc. We also have a team of CFD engineers, CFD Analysts and CFD Consultants qualified to use the basic refrigeration charts which are prevalent in HVAC design.

Heat Exchanger CFD Analysis

For a complete system of heat exchanger, our engineers are capable of simulating the flow pattern throughout the system and hence they can recommend the shape modifications required for various types of heat exchangers be it a shell and tube heat exchanger, cross flow heat exchanger or parallel flow heat exchanger. We can predict the flow behavior inside a condenser or an evaporator using CFD.

To predict the condensation and evaporation parameters, our engineers use simplified models in CFD.

Electronics Cooling (Thermal CFD Analysis for Electronics) Our CFD Analysis team is qualified to model electronics parts and can use CFD applications to predict the cooling rate, thermal distribution due to convection etc. for computers, mobiles, Television sets and many more complex electronics products.

Combustion Modeling

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