Aerodynamics Simulation of a Bullet

The Client:

A company involved into research for aerodynamics modeling for different objects.


To simulate the aerodynamic parameters for a bullet flight using CFD Analysis

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to provide the aerodynamic parameters such as pressure plots and drag forces for the bullet. The hidden expectation was to use appropriate CFD analysis approach to conduct the aerodynamics analysis and to select proper meshing and boundary conditions parameters.

CFD Analysis Project Challenges:

Major project challenges involved deciding for right boundary conditions such as inlet Mach No, Outlet velocity to model the problem correctly in order to be able to get accurate CFD Analysis results. Since aerodynamic analysis itself is a complex subject in CFD analysis domain, it required our CFD experts to go through a lot of CFD resources to understand and apply the appropriate model to conduct the CFD analysis that can lead to fruitful results to fulfill the client’s expectations.

CFD Analysis Project Deliverables:

CFD Analysis results provided pressure distribution during at the prescribed Mach number from the client. It helped the client understand the wake created by the bullet and also the drag forces involved for current design thanks to the experience of our CFD experts.



Aerodynamic Analysis of Bullet using CFD Analysis

CFD Analysis Project Benefits:

Thanks to the reliable CFD results provided by the CFD experts of Desserve Engineering, the client could save an overall time of 5 weeks due to less prototyping efforts required. CFD Analysis approach saved about 9000USD with an early product launch.

Additionally, the CFD Analysis application for aerodynamic analysis helped the client to apply the approach for future product development.

CFD Analysis Project Hours:

  • CFD Analysis Model Preparation: 20 Hours
  • CFD Analysis Solving Time: 20 Hours
  • CFD Analysis Results Discussion: 4 Hours
  • CFD report preparation: 2 Hours

CFD Analysis Project Duration:

  • 7 days

CFD Analysis Project Team:

  • CFD Analyst
  • CFD Consultant
  • CFD Analysis Lead

Customer Delight Experience:

The client expected us to complete the CFD Analysis project within 10 working days which we delivered in 7 working days. Our CFD experts found this project to be much interesting and decided to refer a lot of CFD resources. We have discussed the complete approach to develop the CFD model with the client and also provided them the references from where we have got information. The client was very pleased since our team of CFD experts not only provided the information related to the CFD Analysis, they also provided minute detailed information related to the product.

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