Design Sheet development for Clutches using strength of material and heat transfer fundamentals

The Client:

A leading Tier 1 supplier of automotive clutches based in Europe


To develop a design calculation sheet using fundamentals of strength of materials and heat transfer.

Client Expectations:

Client expected us to provide a Technical calculation worksheet and to train their design department on deriving various design parameters.

Project Challenges:

One of the challenges of the project was to design the calculation sheet. It required a lot of book-referring by our experts to come of with calculations involved in the Clutch design. Also, our experts had to prove that the proposed calculations are correct. For this, we used the calculation sheet and then solve the existing products in order to verify the formulae approach proposed by our experts

Project Deliverables:

We provided a Technical calculation sheet using which the client can generate their own sensitivity studies. We also trained the Design personnel of the company on how to use the spread sheet provided by us.




Project Benefits:

The calculation sheet provided by Desserve Engineering is not only helpful to Design the clutches, it also can be used to see the effect of various input parameters such as Outer diameter, Inner diameter onto the output parameters such as Axial Thrust. It shortened the design cycle by about 4 weeks which comes to about 4000 USD in terms of resources required.

Project Hours:

  • 55 Hours

FEA Analysis Project Duration:

  • 1 Days

Project Team:

  • 1 Design Engineer
  • 1 Technical Expert
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